5 Ways to Close More Legal Leads

Does this sound like your firm?

Scenario: You’re working the lead magnets, generating the right campaigns and funnels, but once your leads start filing in, they go from hot to warm to cold to dead.

Losing Leads

Leads fall through the cracks and get lost because the follow-up isn’t always immediate and urgent. Potential clients are looking for instant gratification even though we know that isn’t always possible.

As a law firm, you have a full plate of building a trusting relationship with your clients, working your caseloads, and being involved in the community. Adding in scheduling and appointments, lead generation, and all other aspects of digital marketing, your plates are stacked incredibly high.

We Have the Solution

Fortunately, there is a solution, and we’ve created it just for Law Firms.

Here at LawHustle, our proven systems were created by a lawyer because he knew the value of time and the importance of balancing all of those plates.

We have developed simple, automated systems that help to nurture clients from initial contact to the final handshake.

If you want to close more legal leads and convert them more seamlessly into clients, you can do that in the following five ways using our revolutionary model.

Law Lead Velocity System

When you partner with us, we install the Law Lead Velocity System, a series of automated tools created to streamline your workflow. With these processes in place, you can maximize your workflow, streamline your process and increase the value of your marketing budget. 

You’ll also enjoy closing 2 to 3 times more leads without having to change your current lead magnets! This is because we have created a series of tools that fill the gaps between lead generation and client conversion

Lead to Client Accelerator

Once a legal lead comes in, what happens? Do you automatically follow up and initiate communication with them? Or are they left for a few days only to be picked up by another law firm who got to them more quickly? 

Don’t let the leads fall through the cracks with our Lead to Client Accelerator tool. It takes the leads you currently have and skyrockets them through a series of automated systems that converts them into clients.  

With the Lead to Client Accelerator automation in place, you will be able to eliminate the time you spend working on connecting with leads and scheduling their appointments. 

Personalized Intake System

As an integral part of the Lead to Client Accelerator tool, The Personalized Intake System automatically takes the lead from the initial point of contact and nurtures them all the way to scheduling an appointment with you.

Your potential clients will receive personalized contact on a regular basis, and when they are ready to schedule an appointment, they can easily do so through Google My Business, email, or webchat! 

It’s that easy, and you didn’t have to lift a finger throughout the entire process.

Simplified Messaging

Are you spending time switching between messaging platforms to communicate with your current and potential clients? Trying to keep all communication lines organized can be a tedious process and slow down your workflow and productivity. 

Another revolutionary tool we have in our arsenal is our Unified Messaging platform. No matter how a message gets sent, it funnels all into your Unified Messaging page. So youcan be getting emails, text messages, Facebook messages, and more from clients and leads, and you’ll be able to access them on ONE organized page. 

The best part? When you message back, they will receive it on their chosen platform. 

Insights Dashboard

Now that you’ve connected with your potential clients started the automatic appointment process, and simplified your communication workflow, it’s now time to take your firm to the next level. 

How? By understanding how your business is doing online. Our Insights Dashboard connects to your current funnels, landing pages, and campaigns and tracks your leads from the first click. 

Check on your pipeline value, how many opportunities are open, how many leads you have, and your lead to client conversion rate. 

All of this, combined with the tools above, can turn your firm into the ultimate scalability machine that allows you to grow your firm beyond what you ever thought possible. 

Ready to Grow?

If you’re ready to understand your lead generation, fill the gap and stop letting leads fall through the cracks and work more efficiently and productively all while scaling your business, it’s time to partner with us. 

Connect with us today to get a FREE demo of the LawHustle growth system.