5 Ways to Handle Law Firm Lead Generation

As a law firm you want to retain as many leads as possible to maintain a consistent business flow. 

In order to do that you have to manage leads, nurture clients and build relationships all while managing your current case loads and clients. 

So how do you do it all? Easy – with a lead management system! What’s a lead management system? It’s part of the digital marketing industry and it focuses on capturing, nurturing and maintaining leads to transform them into clients. 

How does that help if you have to run the system? Here’s a secret: YOU DON’T. 

Here at LawHustle we are the EXPERTS in helping your law firm grow. We know, because this system is created for lawyers by lawyers. Our team understands the niche and target market needed to maintain a consistent flow of clients and we’ve created a proven system that can grow your business by 3X and increase the value of your marketing by 10X! 

What if we told you there are 5 ways to handle your law firm lead generation WITHOUT adding more onto your already full plate? Keep reading to learn how we do it. 

Legal SaaS Platform

Software as a Service platforms are part of everyone’s daily lives, even if they don’t know it. It’s a productivity model that’s cloud-based and available anywhere you can connect to the internet. 

We’ve created a Legal SaaS Platform that utilizes the right digital marketing, lead generation and industry niche tools to help your business succeed. 

On the platform itself you’ll have access to the Insights Dashboard which shows you current conversion rates, how your funnels and campaigns are performing and what stages your leads are in, what opportunities you have open, and your pipeline value. 

This is incredibly important information that is valuable to the life and success of your business and it’s all right there available on your screen. 

We’ve created the platform for YOU to continue doing what you do best for your clients and community. 

Lead Velocity System

Within our platform we’ve created a Law Lead Velocity System which maximizes your potential leads from your current funnels and lead systems. 

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or your current lead magnets, we have the systems in place to nurture them from the start. 

Use this to convert leads into clients without adding extra stress and work. 

Automated Appointment Systems

Integrated with our Lead Velocity System you will experience the simplicity of our automated appointment system.

Don’t spend hours on your phone messaging back and forth with leads, setting up appointments and then confirming and following afterwards. Let our system check off all of those boxes.

Once a lead finds you on the internet they can schedule an appointment right from your Google My Business page, your website, current campaign or even from a message!

Speaking of messaging systems, how are you currently communicating with your clients and leads?

Unified Messaging System

If you’re not communicating with a simplified messaging system, you are missing out on an opportunity to streamline your workload and process!

Our unified messaging system allows you to email, text, and message your clients from ONE location to their choice of communication platform. It goes to them as a text, email or Facebook message, but for you- it’s all in one place.

This is especially helpful if you have a lead that has messaged you from multiple places or you are having a conversation with a client through email and text.

Relationship and Reputation Management

Another great way to handle leads is the way you manage your relationships with current clients. Do you utilize their referrals and testimonials to gain new clients? If not, you’re missing out on FREE marketing! 

After you close your case with them do you follow up and ask for referrals and testimonials? If not, our system takes care of that for you. We send an easy to fill out testimonial link and spread it out across the internet. 

The more you nurture your relationships with clients the more they will recommend you to friends and family. 

Did you know that the number one way people find lawyers is by asking friends and family? After that initial referral, they search for you online! Make sure you’ve got both of those areas covered with great reputation and relationship management! 

Are You Ready to Grow Your Firm?

The best thing about our platform is that it actually SAVES you time. On average our clients save about 50% of time spent on marketing and communication efforts. Think about what you could do with that? You can take on an extra case, do more in the community or even take time for yourself and family! 

Let our Ultimate Scalability Machine platform take over so you can spend more time with your current clients and case load. Let us double or even triple your leads and client conversions in 30 days by implementing our proven systems into your law firm. 

If you’re ready to save time and money while decreasing your daily “to-do lists” and increasing your leads and revenue, connect with us today!