Why is Brand Reputation Management Essential for Law Firms

brand reputation management

Why is Brand Reputation Management Essential for Law Firms

We live in a world where the answer to a question is a simple Google search away.  If you are interested in going to a new restaurant or trying out a new salon or spa, what is one of the first things you do? Look them up on the internet, browse their website and read the reviews.  

You don’t just read the stunning reviews highlighted on their website; you want to look at the reviews on their Google My Business page and other review sites. 

After researching the potential company, it is then that you decide to patronize their business. It is rare that anyone visits a business without knowing about them first. 


We want to know what and who we are supporting and the value of going to that business. Our time and money are precious, and no one is going to choose to have a chaotic or disappointing experience. It’s not worth it. 

Brand reputation is everything these days, and if your business isn’t being reflected in a positive light online, you could potentially be losing out on thousands of dollars in revenue. 

This is the case for EVERY business and is an integral part of digital marketing, especially for law firms. 

brand reputation management

Brand Reputation for Law Firms

Brand reputation management is crucial to the survival and growth of law firms. 33% of people search online for representation, and the other 67% ask family and friends first, but then go online to research the firm. 

How is your brand currently being reflected online? Do you know what kind of reviews are out there? How many testimonials do you have, and are you actively asking for more? 

What Are People Saying? 

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos. 

If you’re not looking at and managing what people are saying about your firm, your potential clients might be seeing negative comments and decide to go elsewhere. 

Are You Asking For Reviews?

Capitalizing on your relationship with your clients is also essential. 

If your clients are already happy with your firm, they are indeed telling their friends and family about you, so why not ask them to leave a review online to tell the world? 

Reviews make your brand more reputable and authentic. Having updated testimonials, dozens or even hundreds of reviews show potential clients that YOU care about your reputation and people care about YOUR brand and trust you. 

How LawHustle Can Help

If you found yourself realizing that you aren’t managing your brand reputation as effectively and actively as you should, it’s okay! We understand that your plate is full, and your time is valuable. Therefore, we are always trying to educate our viewers on how to run your firm as effectively as possible. For example, in our last blog, we discussed how to close more legal leads efficiently, saving you time and allowing you to streamline your workflow. 

Along with our other revolutionary tools, we’ve created a system that helps you build a rockstar reputation and effectively and actively manage your online reviews. 

Our Reputation Management System is an automated system that we put into place to actively manage your reviews and reputation online. 

You have a long to-do list, and if asking for testimonials is on there, check this box and consider it done. 

Our system will connect with your clients after completing your work with them and asking them to review your firm. 

How? We send them a simple link. Once you see their review and respond appropriately (if needed), the system will update it on your website (through your reviews widget) and places like Google My Business and anywhere else your designate. 

This eliminates asking your clients to go to multiple platforms to review your firm, which can be time-consuming and something they don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. 

It also eliminates YOU taking time away from your other important tasks. 

Let’s Get Started

We created these tools to help you become the ultimate scalability machine and grow your business beyond what you thought possible. 

Our mission here at LawHustle is to provide legal support services to create the ultimate law firm growth system by offering tools and automation to build a solid reputation, strengthen open communication, and grow trust with clients and potential clients.

Grow your firm, streamline your workflow and increase your productivity today with a FREE demo of our LawHustle Growth System. Connect with us to get started! 

5 Ways to Close More Legal Leads

Legal leads

5 Ways to Close More Legal Leads

Does this sound like your firm?

Scenario: You’re working the lead magnets, generating the right campaigns and funnels, but once your leads start filing in, they go from hot to warm to cold to dead. 

Losing Leads 

Leads fall through the cracks and get lost because the follow-up isn’t always immediate and urgent. Potential clients are looking for instant gratification even though we know that isn’t always possible. 

As a law firm, you have a full plate of building a trusting relationship with your clients, working your caseloads, and being involved in the community. Adding in scheduling and appointments, lead generation, and all other aspects of digital marketing, your plates are stacked incredibly high. 

We Have the Solution

Fortunately, there is a solution, and we’ve created it just for Law Firms. 

Here at LawHustle, our proven systems were created by a lawyer because he knew the value of time and the importance of balancing all of those plates. 

We have developed simple, automated systems that help to nurture clients from initial contact to the final handshake. 

If you want to close more legal leads and convert them more seamlessly into clients, you can do that in the following five ways using our revolutionary model. 

legal leads

Law Lead Velocity System 

When you partner with us, we install the Law Lead Velocity System, a series of automated tools created to streamline your workflow. With these processes in place, you can maximize your workflow, streamline your process and increase the value of your marketing budget. 

You’ll also enjoy closing 2 to 3 times more leads without having to change your current lead magnets! This is because we have created a series of tools that fill the gaps between lead generation and client conversion

Lead to Client Accelerator

Once a legal lead comes in, what happens? Do you automatically follow up and initiate communication with them? Or are they left for a few days only to be picked up by another law firm who got to them more quickly? 

Don’t let the leads fall through the cracks with our Lead to Client Accelerator tool. It takes the leads you currently have and skyrockets them through a series of automated systems that converts them into clients.  

With the Lead to Client Accelerator automation in place, you will be able to eliminate the time you spend working on connecting with leads and scheduling their appointments. 

Personalized Intake System 

As an integral part of the Lead to Client Accelerator tool, The Personalized Intake System automatically takes the lead from the initial point of contact and nurtures them all the way to scheduling an appointment with you.

Your potential clients will receive personalized contact on a regular basis, and when they are ready to schedule an appointment, they can easily do so through Google My Business, email, or webchat! 

It’s that easy, and you didn’t have to lift a finger throughout the entire process.

Simplified Messaging

Are you spending time switching between messaging platforms to communicate with your current and potential clients? Trying to keep all communication lines organized can be a tedious process and slow down your workflow and productivity. 

Another revolutionary tool we have in our arsenal is our Unified Messaging platform. No matter how a message gets sent, it funnels all into your Unified Messaging page. So youcan be getting emails, text messages, Facebook messages, and more from clients and leads, and you’ll be able to access them on ONE organized page. 

The best part? When you message back, they will receive it on their chosen platform. 

Insights Dashboard

Now that you’ve connected with your potential clients started the automatic appointment process, and simplified your communication workflow, it’s now time to take your firm to the next level. 

How? By understanding how your business is doing online. Our Insights Dashboard connects to your current funnels, landing pages, and campaigns and tracks your leads from the first click. 

Check on your pipeline value, how many opportunities are open, how many leads you have, and your lead to client conversion rate. 

All of this, combined with the tools above, can turn your firm into the ultimate scalability machine that allows you to grow your firm beyond what you ever thought possible. 

Ready to Grow? 

If you’re ready to understand your lead generation, fill the gap and stop letting leads fall through the cracks and work more efficiently and productively all while scaling your business, it’s time to partner with us. 

Connect with us today to get a FREE demo of the LawHustle growth system. 

5 Ways to Handle Law Firm Lead Generation

law firm lead generation

5 Ways to Handle Law Firm Lead Generation

As a law firm you want to retain as many leads as possible to maintain a consistent business flow. 

In order to do that you have to manage leads, nurture clients and build relationships all while managing your current case loads and clients. 

So how do you do it all? Easy – with a lead management system! What’s a lead management system? It’s part of the digital marketing industry and it focuses on capturing, nurturing and maintaining leads to transform them into clients. 

How does that help if you have to run the system? Here’s a secret: YOU DON’T. 

Here at LawHustle we are the EXPERTS in helping your law firm grow. We know, because this system is created for lawyers by lawyers. Our team understands the niche and target market needed to maintain a consistent flow of clients and we’ve created a proven system that can grow your business by 3X and increase the value of your marketing by 10X! 

What if we told you there are 5 ways to handle your law firm lead generation WITHOUT adding more onto your already full plate? Keep reading to learn how we do it. 

law firm lead generation

Legal SaaS Platform

Software as a Service platforms are part of everyone’s daily lives, even if they don’t know it. It’s a productivity model that’s cloud-based and available anywhere you can connect to the internet. 

We’ve created a Legal SaaS Platform that utilizes the right digital marketing, lead generation and industry niche tools to help your business succeed. 

On the platform itself you’ll have access to the Insights Dashboard which shows you current conversion rates, how your funnels and campaigns are performing and what stages your leads are in, what opportunities you have open, and your pipeline value. 

This is incredibly important information that is valuable to the life and success of your business and it’s all right there available on your screen. 

We’ve created the platform for YOU to continue doing what you do best for your clients and community. 

Lead Velocity System

Within our platform we’ve created a Law Lead Velocity System which maximizes your potential leads from your current funnels and lead systems. 

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or your current lead magnets, we have the systems in place to nurture them from the start. 

Use this to convert leads into clients without adding extra stress and work. 

Automated Appointment Systems

Integrated with our Lead Velocity System you will experience the simplicity of our automated appointment system. 

Don’t spend hours on your phone messaging back and forth with leads, setting up appointments and then confirming and following afterwards. Let our system check off all of those boxes.

Once a lead finds you on the internet they can schedule an appointment right from your Google My Business page, your website, current campaign or even from a message! 

Speaking of messaging systems, how are you currently communicating with your clients and leads?

Unified Messaging System

If you’re not communicating with a simplified messaging system, you are missing out on an opportunity to streamline your workload and process! 

Our unified messaging system allows you to email, text, and message your clients from ONE location to their choice of communication platform. It goes to them as a text, email or Facebook message, but for you- it’s all in one place. 

This is especially helpful if you have a lead that has messaged you from multiple places or you are having a conversation with a client through email and text. 

Relationship and Reputation Management

Another great way to handle leads is the way you manage your relationships with current clients. Do you utilize their referrals and testimonials to gain new clients? If not, you’re missing out on FREE marketing! 

After you close your case with them do you follow up and ask for referrals and testimonials? If not, our system takes care of that for you. We send an easy to fill out testimonial link and spread it out across the internet. 

The more you nurture your relationships with clients the more they will recommend you to friends and family. 

Did you know that the number one way people find lawyers is by asking friends and family? After that initial referral, they search for you online! Make sure you’ve got both of those areas covered with great reputation and relationship management! 

Are You Ready to Grow Your Firm?

The best thing about our platform is that it actually SAVES you time. On average our clients save about 50% of time spent on marketing and communication efforts. Think about what you could do with that? You can take on an extra case, do more in the community or even take time for yourself and family! 

Let our Ultimate Scalability Machine platform take over so you can spend more time with your current clients and case load. Let us double or even triple your leads and client conversions in 30 days by implementing our proven systems into your law firm. 

If you’re ready to save time and money while decreasing your daily “to-do lists” and increasing your leads and revenue, connect with us today! 

How can Legal SaaS Help Grow My Law Firm

Legal SaaS

How can Legal SaaS Help Grow My Law Firm

You have a goal to grow your law firm, but you can’t devote more time to digital marketing without sacrificing your time with clients, working your caseloads or even personal and family time. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to and with the right system you can even triple your business without the added stress and burnout. 

How is this possible? SaaS and LawHustle. Simply put, our LawHustle Legal SaaS platform is the number one law firm growth platform on the market today. 

Our platform was created by lawyers for lawyers in order to build consistent workloads, referrals and lead systems. 

To learn more about how we can help you grow your firm, keep reading to find out what our Legal SaaS platform can do for you! 

Legal SaaS

What is SaaS?

If you’ve never heard the word “SaaS” before, you’ve most likely still utilized it in your everyday life online. 

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This means software capabilities that allow you to run your business online with organization, and simplicity. SaaS platforms are designed for all types of industries and can be for finance (think QuickBooks), Customer Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Human Resources and more! 

SaaS platforms are typically subscription based because they are always evolving and advancing and available on any device through the cloud 24/7, 365 compared to a stagnant program that is downloaded onto a computer.

For law firms, we’ve created a Legal SaaS so that you can increase the value of your marketing budget, and bring in and convert more leads than ever before!

What We Do Best

We’ve taken the best parts of SaaS and built out a platform that has everything you need to grow your firm. Our legal SaaS platform will help you work more efficiently, and productively while also bring you in more clients than ever before without the added burn out. 

Check out a few of the main Legal SaaS features we offer. 


Set it and forget it. Just like an alarm clock you can create automated systems that can connect with your leads, schedule appointments, collect testimonials and more. 

Those everyday tasks on your to-do list can be crossed off with automation taking care of them and leaving you more time to build relationships and help your community.

Personalization and Connections

Like we stated in the beginning, you are maxed out on how much time you can devote to each part of your career without sacrificing personal and family life. 

As part of our automated system we can create a personalized intake form for each lead that connects with you online. Through this intake form your leads will be contacted and nurtured all the way through the appointment setting process without you having to lift one finger. 

A personalized intake form is created by your firm and our team to tailor the conversation and information given out to the leads as they connect and convert into clients. 

For you, this means more appointments and more cases to defend which leads to firm growth and happy clients. 

Messaging System

If you’re talking to clients and leads online you’re most likely using a wide array of communication tools. Emails, text messaging, Facebook messenger, even Instagram, or live chat. 

Keeping track and switching back and forth can become time consuming and cumbersome. You might even be speaking to someone through multiple channels. 

So how do you keep it all straight and organized? It’s easy with our unified messaging system. 

Connect with your clients through their chosen channels in one place with unified messaging. 

We take your conversations and place them neatly on one page of the platform.  

When a message comes in, you can go right to that page and message back. On their end, it comes through as a text, email or instant message, but on your end it’s wrapped up nicely and properly on one simple messaging platform to give you more time for other tasks. 

Track and Evaluate 

Wondering how your leads are tracking? Where the leads are in the funnels and how well your campaigns are doing? Do you wanna check your conversion rate, ROI and pipeline values? Allow us to gather all that information and place it right on your dashboard. 

Your Insights Dashboard is an incredible tool to help you understand where your leads are coming from, how your campaigns are performing, your conversion rate and more. 

We gather all the data and information and organize it in a way that helps you get insight quickly and accurately. 

You can evaluate, assess and make necessary changes to continue growing your firm and connecting with clients. 

All-in-One and Done For You

We’ve created the all-in-one SaaS platform designed specifically for lawyers and growing law firms. We want to help you take your firm to the next level without adding stress and burning you out. 

If you’re ready for LawHustle’s Legal SaaS platform to transform the way you do business, connect with us today and get started! 

Traditional Marketing VS. Digital Marketing for Law Firms

digital marketing for law firms

n Thomas Friedman’s book The World is Flat he describes the world as being “flat” in terms of how connected we are thanks to the ever changing and expanding technology that is the online world. 

Because of this technology a new era of digital marketing has been transforming the way people do business. 

Before the start of the 1990’s how did you search for a name or learn about a country? You searched in the yellow pages or the encyclopedia. You saw billboards and ads in the local newspaper for businesses. When you needed them that’s how you found the information. 

Fast forward to the 2000’s and everything is digital. Even billboards have turned from painted wooden signs to bright LED boards that change every 30 seconds. 

Marketing Drives Business

As business owners we know that marketing creates the buzz that runs our business. One size all marketing doesn’t fit so we need to pick and choose where our budget goes and which type will generate the most high quality leads. 

In our last article we discussed the top 5 marketing mistakes that law firms are making and how they aren’t maximizing their marketing budget. So how do we decide what to do? 

Let’s take a look at traditional marketing vs digital marketing (our way) for automation, lead generation and customer acquisition to give you the best bang for your marketing budget! 

digital marketing for law firms

Traditional Lead Generation vs. LawHustle Lead Velocity 

Traditional lead generation is based off of direct mail, billboard ads, ad space in the newspaper and other types of print media. You generated leads by letting people know about your service and when they needed you, they called. 

With digital marketing there are lead generation sites specifically for lawyers but do you know what they do? They take in the lead and then share it out to all the lawyers in the area. So this “lead generation” tool doesn’t really give you any solid leads. It just sends you a name. 

Our Law Lead Velocity System works differently than all other systems. We take your current leads that come from funnels, Google, and other digital platforms and give them a boost. It’s an advanced CRM and we are the experts in that arena. We can double or triple your current lead to client conversion rate in 30 days. We have a process that works and once our Law Lead Velocity System focuses on those leads our Lead to Client Conversion Accelerator takes over. 

Traditional Customer Relation Optimization vs. Our CRO

When you got a lead before, how did you handle it? Traditionally, when a lead came in you would have to drop everything and respond to them in a timely manner and spend time building trust and a relationship in order to hopefully set an appointment and bring them on as a client. 

Your time is valuable. You have caseloads and current clients that you need to nurture and build a relationship with in order to retain them as future clients and referral sources. 

Our Lead to Client Conversion Accelerator takes all of that traditional CRO and does it for you – Automatically.  We create customized intake forms based on YOUR firm and create personalized responses and messages that will nurture your lead and set up by automating appointments. Our automated appointment system eliminates the constant confirmation or client remember messages and takes your lead all the way from first click to handshake, just like that. Now that you’ve connected with all of these clients, how do you manage your communication? 

Traditional Communication vs. Unified Messaging

Keeping in touch with your clients is important for many reasons. You want to build in their trust, talk to them about their case and ultimately create a strong relationship with them so that they will become a referral source. 

Traditionally, you would use multiple platforms and communication channels to speak to them. Whether it be through Facebook messenger, email, texting or phone calls you are always switching back and forth. Sometimes you might even be speaking with a client through multiple channels. Our unified messaging system merged all of those channels into one simplified platform. You’ll be able to reach out to your clients through their choice of channel but for you- it’s all wrapped up onto one screen. This is a huge win in the case for productivity. You won’t have to keep track of who’s on what platform and who prefers what, because it’s all right there. Simplified automated processes is what makes LawHustle the number one law firm growth system on the market. 

We’ve Been There

We have been there why LawHustle was created- by lawyers for lawyers to give you back your time and increase productivity. Old ways won’t open new doors. If you’re just going through the motions and not maximizing your market budget or consistently booking clients, it’s time to connect with us. We will give you the tools to grow your firm and allow you to create the business you’ve always wanted.

Top 5 Mistakes Law Firms Make With Marketing

mistakes law firms make with marketing

As a law firm you know the importance of lead generation, being seen online, creating connections with your clients and getting stellar reviews from those you’ve helped. 

So how do you do ALL of that plus focus on your caseload and creating relationships with your current clients? It’s hard to balance your to-do list when there’s so many things on it.

At LawHustle we understand because we’ve been there. This business was created because a talented lawyer needed to work smarter and more efficiently to achieve growth in his business.  We have created a list of 5 of the top mistakes that a law firm can make in regards to marketing and how we can help take that lemon and turn it into lemonade with our proven systems and solutions. 

We Get It

If you can answer yes to making even one of these mistakes you are missing out on potential opportunities for growth and revenue in your business. 

You Let Leads Fall Through the Cracks

When you don’t capture leads as soon as they come in, what happens? They go cold and don’t retain your services. Stop letting leads fall through the cracks. One missed lead is a missed opportunity to potentially work with a client. That missed opportunity leads to missed revenue and more clients through their referral. 

Lead generation is what keeps your business thriving. We have a proven Law Lead Velocity System that will give you 2 to 3 times more clients based on your current lead flow!  

You will be able to spend more time building relationships and being productive and less time trying to chase down leads.

mistakes law firms make with marketing

You’re Not Converting Leads to Clients

Now with those leads comes the responsibility of building a relationship. Once a potential client invests their time into learning more about your firm they will want your FULL ATTENTION. They want to know that you are invested in them and their needs as soon as they submit an intake form. Instant connection turns those hot leads from our velocity system into clients. 

You might think, “This is not possible, I’m not converting leads because I can’t do all of that and my other work.” Here’s the thing, it is possible because we’ve created a solution. Our personalized intake system checks off all of the boxes. It is customized to your brand and uses your words and language to create a meaningful connection. 

Using a non-personalized intake system can make the client feel like they are not making a genuine connection and are just speaking to a robot. Our system will engage with the potential client and nurture them as they go through the appointment scheduling process just like you would if you were really in a conversation with them. 

You Don’t Have An Automated Appointment System

Are you constantly getting confirmations and reminders about scheduling appointments with clients? If you’re not automating appointments you’re wasting time. Stop the notifications and let our lead to client accelerator system take over.  

Whether a client books through a CTA on your website, Google My Business or from a message you’ve sent them, we will be able to track it all and set it up without you having to look at your calendar. We take your availability and create meeting times for your clients to choose from.  This means less time fumbling with your calendar and appointment maker. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 for both you and your potential client. 

You’re Messaging Through Different Platforms 

While you’re working do you have multiple messaging platforms up on your phone or computer screen? Facebook messenger, email, texting and other messaging services? Non-unified messaging is a thing of the past with our unified messaging solution.  Clear the clutter and close out those tabs! 

Our unified messaging system takes ALL of your messaging platforms and merges them into one simple place. The best part? You’ll still be communicating with your clients using their choice of messaging service. Send emails, texts and Facebook messages from one platform. This is extremely helpful for those clients who message or reach out from different platforms. 

You’re Not Managing Your Online Reputation 

Referrals drive your business so what happens when someone gets that referral? They review your business online. Will they find newly updated reviews and testimonials from your clients or will they find information from years ago that show them you don’t update your website or review sites? 

Don’t let yourself fall into the latter part of that question. Our reputation management system follows up with your past clients and makes it extremely easy for them to leave a review for your business. They follow a link, leave their review and then we take it from there. 

Did You Answer Yes? It’s Time to Connect with Us

If you’re making any of these mistakes you could be missing out on growing your business and increasing your revenue. LawHustle is the number one law firm growth system with our proven solutions that solve your most tedious tasks. Our mission is to prove legal support services to create the ultimate law firm growth system by giving you the tools and automation to build a solid reputation, strengthen communication and relationships and grow trust with current and potential clients.

With our system you will cut your to-do in half, maximize your marketing budget and grow your business without adding any extra work or stress. 

To demo our services for free, connect with us today.

5 Ways LawHustle Can Help You Grow Your Law Firm Business


As a law firm, you want to help as many clients as you can. You want to make sure they are getting the best representation possible and that starts by partnering with you and your team. But how are you getting these clients and where are they coming from? 

Are you spending your marketing budget each month only to find that your return on investment isn’t that great? 

If you are generating leads online, are you responding to them in a timely manner so they don’t go cold? Are you able to connect with your potential clients while taking care of your current ones? 

If you’re looking for solutions to those questions, let us here at LawHustle help you grow your firm, get you 2 to 3 times more clients (from your current lead flow) and increase the value of your marketing budget exponentially. 

Want to know how we do it? Here are just 5 ways on how we can help you grow your firm.

Interesting Statistics

Before we begin we wanted to begin with some interesting and albeit shocking statistics when it comes to how law firms work online and how consumers feel about law firms when in need of legal counsel. 

40% of small law firms do not have websites. 

35% of small law firms have websites that have not been updated in 3 years. 

65% of lawyers spend most of their marketing budget for online marketing. 

25% of clients who search for legal help do not expect a firm to call them back. 

42% of the time takes an average of 3 or more days for a law firm to return a call or message from a potential client. 

60% of law firms do not respond to emails of potential clients while 27% don’t return phone calls. 

67% of people in a study revealed that online reviews played a very important role in deciding if a firm should be hired. 

1 out of 4 firms don’t track their leads. 

If any of these statistics sound like something you can relate to, don’t worry, we are here to help! Let’s get started. 


Lead To Client Conversion

When you’re not working, is your law firm still working? Leads can come in any time of day or night and you want to be sure to capture them as soon as possible to keep them warm. We have automated AI technology that will respond and reach out to clients whenever they fill out a form or look for help on your website. 

With our personalized intake system, you create the verbiage and we put the automation in place. 

When a client asks for more information they will receive instant personalized contact. 

This way you can work your business and bring in more leads 24 hours a day and more efficiently than ever before. 

Did we mention that you don’t have to put in any extra time or lift a finger during the initial connection stages? It’s time to work smarter, not harder with our automated systems! 

Nurture Leads While You Focus On Clients

While your potential clients are being nurtured and valued through our automated systems, you will have time to focus on your current clients and create meaningful relationships with them.

When you serve them to the best of your ability you will generate more referrals and recommendations. Sometimes, the best advertising is from clients you’ve already served! 

Appointment Automation

Your time is valuable. Your time is meant to be spent focusing on your current clients and giving them the best legal counsel possible. How can you devote your time and energy when you’re spending time scheduling appointments, rescheduling, canceling appointments with potential clients? 

Let our appointment automation system take hold and connect with your clients through our booking system. We will schedule the appointment, send confirmation, reschedule and follow up without you ever having to look at your calendar. Our smart technology will fill in the blanks you have available (that you set) and take it from there. 

This allows you to schedule more clients than ever before without having to spend hours making phone calls, sending emails or returning messages. 

Unified Messaging 

Speaking of connecting with your clients, you most likely have multiple forms of communication happening simultaneously throughout the day.  You have clients reaching out through call, text, social media and email. How do you keep them all straight? We have a system for that. Our unified messaging system takes all those channels of communication and merges them into one simplified communication tool. 

Connect with your clients the way they want, while making it efficient on your end. Our Android and iOS apps make it even simpler by allowing you to respond from your phone. 

Reputation Management

We mentioned above that 67% people searching for legal counsel say that reviews are extremely important in the hiring process? Here’s another statistic, 69% of people say that these reviews should only be a few months old! 

You want to be the go to firm in your community, so taking charge of your reputation management is a must. You want to make sure that you’re firm is viewed in a way that reflects a positive light on your firm.  One way to do this is by having clients review your service.  

If your most current reviews are 1+ years old, you might 

lose out on a potential client. Let’s change that and help you get real reviews from clients you’ve worked with. 

After you’ve helped a client with their case your job isn’t done. You want to have them review your service and post it online. You ask them to do so, but leaving multiple reviews on multiple websites like Google can become cumbersome and hard to navigate. 

We have created a system that collects reviews from clients from beginning to end. We start out by sending them an easy to follow message on how to leave a review and link them to where they need to go next. After that our system takes over and spreads that review out where it can. Now you have updated client reviews and you’ve still maintained a great relationship with a past client. 

Connect With Us

If these 5 ways resonate with you and inspire you to want to grow and expand your law firm, give us a call today! We will create a personalized insights dashboard that gives you access to everything from lead generation to appointment setting and reviews! Our mission is to help law firms become more efficient and productive while allowing them to grow and scale their business! 

If you’re ready to learn more about LawHustle and how to scale your firm, capture more leads and get more use out of your current marketing budget, connect with us today, we are ready to help. 

Why is Reputation Management Important for Law Firms

reputation management

How do people find products or services? They ask their friends and family or the internet. When looking for legal services 1 in 3 people will search the internet to find one instead of asking friends and family. However, similar to those who looked on the web first, the people who got referrals from family and friends will go to the internet to review those recommendations. 

How you are perceived through the eyes of the consumer or a potential client can be the beginning or end for your firm. 

What does this all have to do with your law firm? EVERYTHING

Why is it Important for Me to Know what My Potential Clients are Finding Online? 

Do you know if you’re managing your brand? Yes, even law firms have brands. Brand reputation and reputation management is a crucial part of a businesses survival. 

What is Brand Reputation? 

Brand reputation is how a consumer sees a particular brand. Those with a good reputation means that there is trust built between the consumer and company and that they feel good about using your service. 

On the other hand those reputations are on the unfavorable side because those who seek services in your industry are less likely to purchase or utilize your company. 

Lastly, those who have no brand management tactics or use online reviews and referrals simply don’t reach the main pages of online search engines. This means that other companies who devote time to managing their brand online will gain your potential clients and that is not what you want to happen. 

reputation management

How Reputation Management Computes to Clients

If you’ve ever searched for a product or service, you will see reviews and star ratings and you will most likely choose the ones with multiple reviews and high star ratings. 

This is the key to getting clients when they search for legal services online. 

Clio’s MaxDiff Analysis found that a firm that has good reviews/recommendations is the number one reason that makes them hireable in the eyes of the consumer. Similarity the number one way a law firm computes to running a successful firm is based on getting clients to review and refer them. At the end of the day, satisfaction drives a firm’s success. 

If your firm pops up on the search engine with no reviews or stars and is listed next to a firm with hundreds of reviews and a 4 star rating, which one do you think the client will end up choosing? 

When clients leave reviews they help you build your brand reputation online and help build trust with future clients. These reviews are also considered “trustworthy” by future clients because they came from outside of the company. 

So how do you get your clients to leave reviews and feedback on your firm? 

Let us help with that. 

reputation management

How LawHustle can Help You with Reputation Management

At LawHustle, our mission is to provide you with the tools to build your brand and reputation online by using the automation and client-centered systems focused on the the 3 core values of reputation, trust and open communication. 

We are the all-in-one digital support service for law firms. We offer automated system solutions, next-gen lead generation systems and support for law firms looking to grow and expand their business.  

Sometimes it’s hard to get a client to leave a review after they’ve utilized your services and we’re satisfied with the results. Leaving reviews on different sites can become cumbersome and sometimes they don’t even realize how important reviews can be to future clients (even though that’s how they found your firm)! We offer solutions to help you get the positive reviews from clients in a simple and easy way.  

To learn more about LawHustle and the invaluable services we offer, visit our website and book a call today!