How can Legal SaaS Help Grow My Law Firm

You have a goal to grow your law firm, but you can’t devote more time to digital marketing without sacrificing your time with clients, working your caseloads or even personal and family time. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to and with the right system you can even triple your business without the added stress and burnout. 

How is this possible? SaaS and LawHustle. Simply put, our LawHustle Legal SaaS platform is the number one law firm growth platform on the market today. 

Our platform was created by lawyers for lawyers in order to build consistent workloads, referrals and lead systems. 

To learn more about how we can help you grow your firm, keep reading to find out what our Legal SaaS platform can do for you!

What is SaaS?

If you’ve never heard the word “SaaS” before, you’ve most likely still utilized it in your everyday life online. 

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This means software capabilities that allow you to run your business online with organization, and simplicity. SaaS platforms are designed for all types of industries and can be for finance (think QuickBooks), Customer Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Human Resources and more! 

SaaS platforms are typically subscription based because they are always evolving and advancing and available on any device through the cloud 24/7, 365 compared to a stagnant program that is downloaded onto a computer.

For law firms, we’ve created a Legal SaaS so that you can increase the value of your marketing budget, and bring in and convert more leads than ever before!

What We Do Best

We’ve taken the best parts of SaaS and built out a platform that has everything you need to grow your firm. Our legal SaaS platform will help you work more efficiently, and productively while also bring you in more clients than ever before without the added burn out.

Check out a few of the main Legal SaaS features we offer.


Set it and forget it. Just like an alarm clock you can create automated systems that can connect with your leads, schedule appointments, collect testimonials and more. 

Those everyday tasks on your to-do list can be crossed off with automation taking care of them and leaving you more time to build relationships and help your community.

Personalization and Connections

Like we stated in the beginning, you are maxed out on how much time you can devote to each part of your career without sacrificing personal and family life. 

As part of our automated system we can create a personalized intake form for each lead that connects with you online. Through this intake form your leads will be contacted and nurtured all the way through the appointment setting process without you having to lift one finger. 

A personalized intake form is created by your firm and our team to tailor the conversation and information given out to the leads as they connect and convert into clients. 

For you, this means more appointments and more cases to defend which leads to firm growth and happy clients. 

Messaging System

If you’re talking to clients and leads online you’re most likely using a wide array of communication tools. Emails, text messaging, Facebook messenger, even Instagram, or live chat. 

Keeping track and switching back and forth can become time consuming and cumbersome. You might even be speaking to someone through multiple channels. 

So how do you keep it all straight and organized? It’s easy with our unified messaging system. 

Connect with your clients through their chosen channels in one place with unified messaging. 

We take your conversations and place them neatly on one page of the platform.  

When a message comes in, you can go right to that page and message back. On their end, it comes through as a text, email or instant message, but on your end it’s wrapped up nicely and properly on one simple messaging platform to give you more time for other tasks. 

Track and Evaluate

Wondering how your leads are tracking? Where the leads are in the funnels and how well your campaigns are doing? Do you wanna check your conversion rate, ROI and pipeline values? Allow us to gather all that information and place it right on your dashboard. 

Your Insights Dashboard is an incredible tool to help you understand where your leads are coming from, how your campaigns are performing, your conversion rate and more. 

We gather all the data and information and organize it in a way that helps you get insight quickly and accurately. 

You can evaluate, assess and make necessary changes to continue growing your firm and connecting with clients. 

All-in-One and Done For You

We’ve created the all-in-one SaaS platform designed specifically for lawyers and growing law firms. We want to help you take your firm to the next level without adding stress and burning you out.

If you’re ready for LawHustle’s Legal SaaS platform to transform the way you do business, connect with us today and get started!