Top 5 Mistakes Law Firms Make With Marketing

As a law firm you know the importance of lead generation, being seen online, creating connections with your clients and getting stellar reviews from those you’ve helped. 

So how do you do ALL of that plus focus on your caseload and creating relationships with your current clients? It’s hard to balance your to-do list when there’s so many things on it.

At LawHustle we understand because we’ve been there. This business was created because a talented lawyer needed to work smarter and more efficiently to achieve growth in his business.  We have created a list of 5 of the top mistakes that a law firm can make in regards to marketing and how we can help take that lemon and turn it into lemonade with our proven systems and solutions. 

We Get It

If you can answer yes to making even one of these mistakes you are missing out on potential opportunities for growth and revenue in your business.

You Let Leads Fall Through the Cracks

When you don’t capture leads as soon as they come in, what happens? They go cold and don’t retain your services. Stop letting leads fall through the cracks. One missed lead is a missed opportunity to potentially work with a client. That missed opportunity leads to missed revenue and more clients through their referral. 

Lead generation is what keeps your business thriving. We have a proven Law Lead Velocity System that will give you 2 to 3 times more clients based on your current lead flow!  

You will be able to spend more time building relationships and being productive and less time trying to chase down leads.

You’re Not Converting Leads to Clients

Now with those leads comes the responsibility of building a relationship. Once a potential client invests their time into learning more about your firm they will want your FULL ATTENTION. They want to know that you are invested in them and their needs as soon as they submit an intake form. Instant connection turns those hot leads from our velocity system into clients. 

You might think, “This is not possible, I’m not converting leads because I can’t do all of that and my other work.” Here’s the thing, it is possible because we’ve created a solution. Our personalized intake system checks off all of the boxes. It is customized to your brand and uses your words and language to create a meaningful connection. 

Using a non-personalized intake system can make the client feel like they are not making a genuine connection and are just speaking to a robot. Our system will engage with the potential client and nurture them as they go through the appointment scheduling process just like you would if you were really in a conversation with them. 

You Don’t Have An Automated Appointment System

Are you constantly getting confirmations and reminders about scheduling appointments with clients? If you’re not automating appointments you’re wasting time. Stop the notifications and let our lead to client accelerator system take over.  

Whether a client books through a CTA on your website, Google My Business or from a message you’ve sent them, we will be able to track it all and set it up without you having to look at your calendar. We take your availability and create meeting times for your clients to choose from.  This means less time fumbling with your calendar and appointment maker. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 for both you and your potential client. 

You’re Messaging Through Different Platforms

While you’re working do you have multiple messaging platforms up on your phone or computer screen? Facebook messenger, email, texting and other messaging services? Non-unified messaging is a thing of the past with our unified messaging solution.  Clear the clutter and close out those tabs! 

Our unified messaging system takes ALL of your messaging platforms and merges them into one simple place. The best part? You’ll still be communicating with your clients using their choice of messaging service. Send emails, texts and Facebook messages from one platform. This is extremely helpful for those clients who message or reach out from different platforms. 

You’re Not Managing Your Online Reputation

Referrals drive your business so what happens when someone gets that referral? They review your business online. Will they find newly updated reviews and testimonials from your clients or will they find information from years ago that show them you don’t update your website or review sites? 

Don’t let yourself fall into the latter part of that question. Our reputation management system follows up with your past clients and makes it extremely easy for them to leave a review for your business. They follow a link, leave their review and then we take it from there. 

Did You Answer Yes? It’s Time to Connect with Us

If you’re making any of these mistakes you could be missing out on growing your business and increasing your revenue. LawHustle is the number one law firm growth system with our proven solutions that solve your most tedious tasks. Our mission is to prove legal support services to create the ultimate law firm growth system by giving you the tools and automation to build a solid reputation, strengthen communication and relationships and grow trust with current and potential clients.

With our system you will cut your to-do in half, maximize your marketing budget and grow your business without adding any extra work or stress. 

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