Get More Cases From Your Current Leads in your law firm crm

We help law firms automate and improve their lead conversion process.


The moment a marketing agency hands over a lead, that kicks off of follow-up process that “should” ultimately result in the client signing on the dotted line. The question is,

How effective is your firm at making that happen?
Our Competitors Give You Just The Tools and Wish You The Best...

We Give You a Proven Turnkey Process!

LawHustle is more than a SaaS product. It’s a virtual intake specialist and a full lead conversation system that efficiently and effectively nurtures your leads to the dotted line practically while you sleep.


Wherever your clients are, our AI technology has the capability to interact with potential clients, answer their questions, qualify them, book a meeting, and even follow up to ensure they show up for the call.

After five minutes, the odds of connecting and converting a lead drop 80%. Our enhanced conversational AI instantly create personalized engagement within seconds.

Sending emails and messages at the right time can improve conversions by 53%. We use text, email, and more to have consistent communication so you lose less leads.

The entire process is automated for both you and the client. We auto-book appointments on your calendar and even electronically capture signed agreements.

Try it out yourself and 2X or 3X your lead coversion without increasing your marketing budget one penny.


We aren’t a SaaS company that’s simply trying to “target” law firms. We are actual attorneys that developed this technology inhouse, realized how powerful and effective it is, and decided to share our success with other law firms that struggle following up with and convert leads like we did.

Don’t Take Our Words For It.

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Tired of doing all the follow up, scheduling, and intake manually?

Want to stop letting expensive leads fall through the cracks?

Looking for a better way to manage and track your lead pipeline?

Then LawHustle is PERFECT FOR YOU

Getting Started Is Easy

Pick Your Plan

Choose from our three plans below, depending on the features and support level you need for your firm. Regardless of what plan you choose; our team is here to answer questions and provide support.


LawHustle is easy to setup and integrates will all of your current software. Our team works with you to get everything setup and customized to your firm, so you’re taking full advantage of the software.


You will be assigned a dedicated account manager that will check in with you and your team once per month to answer any questions and ensure you’re getting the full benefit from LawHustle.


Depending on how involved you want to be in your lead conversion process, simply pick the plan that fits your needs.


A comprehensive AI-powered lead conversion system that intelligently nurtures leads throughout the process of becoming paying clients. It goes beyond chatbots, email, and calendar tools, seamlessly combining these elements into a proven lead conversion solution


This package seamlessly combines software and a human touch to enhance your lead conversion process. In the event of any hiccups in the system, our dedicated US-based customer service team is available around the clock to address queries and guide clients back onto the automated path towards scheduling a call.

Limited Spots

This package is a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects, from managing your advertising campaigns through our AI technology to generating leads and converting them into clients. We set your lead conversion process on fire to eliminate any chances of missed opportunities, resulting in an abundance of opportunities and new cases.

Don’t have a marketing company or lead generation process in place yet to feed leads into our proven LawHustle conversion system?

Get Started with all the benefits of our ACCELERATE or UTOPIA plan, PLUS we handle all of your lead gen and marketing campaigns.

A perfect match and a perfect storm for law firm growth.

Don’t Take Our Words For It.

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Automating and improving your law firm lead conversion process have never been this easy!