Traditional Marketing VS. Digital Marketing for Law Firms

In Thomas Friedman’s book The World is Flat he describes the world as being “flat” in terms of how connected we are thanks to the ever changing and expanding technology that is the online world. 

Because of this technology a new era of digital marketing has been transforming the way people do business. 

Before the start of the 1990’s how did you search for a name or learn about a country? You searched in the yellow pages or the encyclopedia. You saw billboards and ads in the local newspaper for businesses. When you needed them that’s how you found the information. 

Fast forward to the 2000’s and everything is digital. Even billboards have turned from painted wooden signs to bright LED boards that change every 30 seconds. 

Marketing Drives Business

As business owners we know that marketing creates the buzz that runs our business. One size all marketing doesn’t fit so we need to pick and choose where our budget goes and which type will generate the most high quality leads. 

In our last article we discussed the top 5 marketing mistakes that law firms are making and how they aren’t maximizing their marketing budget. So how do we decide what to do? 

Let’s take a look at traditional marketing vs digital marketing (our way) for automation, lead generation and customer acquisition to give you the best bang for your marketing budget! 

Traditional Lead Generation vs. LawHustle Lead Velocity

Traditional lead generation is based off of direct mail, billboard ads, ad space in the newspaper and other types of print media. You generated leads by letting people know about your service and when they needed you, they called. 

With digital marketing there are lead generation sites specifically for lawyers but do you know what they do? They take in the lead and then share it out to all the lawyers in the area. So this “lead generation” tool doesn’t really give you any solid leads. It just sends you a name. 

Our Law Lead Velocity System works differently than all other systems. We take your current leads that come from funnels, Google, and other digital platforms and give them a boost. It’s an advanced CRM and we are the experts in that arena. We can double or triple your current lead to client conversion rate in 30 days. We have a process that works and once our Law Lead Velocity System focuses on those leads our Lead to Client Conversion Accelerator takes over. 

Traditional Customer Relation Optimization vs. Our CRO

When you got a lead before, how did you handle it? Traditionally, when a lead came in you would have to drop everything and respond to them in a timely manner and spend time building trust and a relationship in order to hopefully set an appointment and bring them on as a client. 

Your time is valuable. You have caseloads and current clients that you need to nurture and build a relationship with in order to retain them as future clients and referral sources. 

Our Lead to Client Conversion Accelerator takes all of that traditional CRO and does it for you – Automatically.  We create customized intake forms based on YOUR firm and create personalized responses and messages that will nurture your lead and set up by automating appointments. Our automated appointment system eliminates the constant confirmation or client remember messages and takes your lead all the way from first click to handshake, just like that. Now that you’ve connected with all of these clients, how do you manage your communication? 

Traditional Communication vs. Unified Messaging

Keeping in touch with your clients is important for many reasons. You want to build in their trust, talk to them about their case and ultimately create a strong relationship with them so that they will become a referral source. 

Traditionally, you would use multiple platforms and communication channels to speak to them. Whether it be through Facebook messenger, email, texting or phone calls you are always switching back and forth. Sometimes you might even be speaking with a client through multiple channels. Our unified messaging system merged all of those channels into one simplified platform. You’ll be able to reach out to your clients through their choice of channel but for you- it’s all wrapped up onto one screen. This is a huge win in the case for productivity. You won’t have to keep track of who’s on what platform and who prefers what, because it’s all right there. Simplified automated processes is what makes LawHustle the number one law firm growth system on the market. 

We’ve Been There

We have been there why LawHustle was created- by lawyers for lawyers to give you back your time and increase productivity. Old ways won’t open new doors. If you’re just going through the motions and not maximizing your market budget or consistently booking clients, it’s time to connect with us. We will give you the tools to grow your firm and allow you to create the business you’ve always wanted.