Why is Brand Reputation Management Essential for Law Firms

brand reputation management

Why is Brand Reputation Management Essential for Law Firms

We live in a world where the answer to a question is a simple Google search away.  If you are interested in going to a new restaurant or trying out a new salon or spa, what is one of the first things you do? Look them up on the internet, browse their website and read the reviews.  

You don’t just read the stunning reviews highlighted on their website; you want to look at the reviews on their Google My Business page and other review sites. 

After researching the potential company, it is then that you decide to patronize their business. It is rare that anyone visits a business without knowing about them first. 


We want to know what and who we are supporting and the value of going to that business. Our time and money are precious, and no one is going to choose to have a chaotic or disappointing experience. It’s not worth it. 

Brand reputation is everything these days, and if your business isn’t being reflected in a positive light online, you could potentially be losing out on thousands of dollars in revenue. 

This is the case for EVERY business and is an integral part of digital marketing, especially for law firms. 

brand reputation management

Brand Reputation for Law Firms

Brand reputation management is crucial to the survival and growth of law firms. 33% of people search online for representation, and the other 67% ask family and friends first, but then go online to research the firm. 

How is your brand currently being reflected online? Do you know what kind of reviews are out there? How many testimonials do you have, and are you actively asking for more? 

What Are People Saying? 

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos. 

If you’re not looking at and managing what people are saying about your firm, your potential clients might be seeing negative comments and decide to go elsewhere. 

Are You Asking For Reviews?

Capitalizing on your relationship with your clients is also essential. 

If your clients are already happy with your firm, they are indeed telling their friends and family about you, so why not ask them to leave a review online to tell the world? 

Reviews make your brand more reputable and authentic. Having updated testimonials, dozens or even hundreds of reviews show potential clients that YOU care about your reputation and people care about YOUR brand and trust you. 

How LawHustle Can Help

If you found yourself realizing that you aren’t managing your brand reputation as effectively and actively as you should, it’s okay! We understand that your plate is full, and your time is valuable. Therefore, we are always trying to educate our viewers on how to run your firm as effectively as possible. For example, in our last blog, we discussed how to close more legal leads efficiently, saving you time and allowing you to streamline your workflow. 

Along with our other revolutionary tools, we’ve created a system that helps you build a rockstar reputation and effectively and actively manage your online reviews. 

Our Reputation Management System is an automated system that we put into place to actively manage your reviews and reputation online. 

You have a long to-do list, and if asking for testimonials is on there, check this box and consider it done. 

Our system will connect with your clients after completing your work with them and asking them to review your firm. 

How? We send them a simple link. Once you see their review and respond appropriately (if needed), the system will update it on your website (through your reviews widget) and places like Google My Business and anywhere else your designate. 

This eliminates asking your clients to go to multiple platforms to review your firm, which can be time-consuming and something they don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. 

It also eliminates YOU taking time away from your other important tasks. 

Let’s Get Started

We created these tools to help you become the ultimate scalability machine and grow your business beyond what you thought possible. 

Our mission here at LawHustle is to provide legal support services to create the ultimate law firm growth system by offering tools and automation to build a solid reputation, strengthen open communication, and grow trust with clients and potential clients.

Grow your firm, streamline your workflow and increase your productivity today with a FREE demo of our LawHustle Growth System. Connect with us to get started! 

Why is Reputation Management Important for Law Firms

reputation management

How do people find products or services? They ask their friends and family or the internet. When looking for legal services 1 in 3 people will search the internet to find one instead of asking friends and family. However, similar to those who looked on the web first, the people who got referrals from family and friends will go to the internet to review those recommendations. 

How you are perceived through the eyes of the consumer or a potential client can be the beginning or end for your firm. 

What does this all have to do with your law firm? EVERYTHING

Why is it Important for Me to Know what My Potential Clients are Finding Online? 

Do you know if you’re managing your brand? Yes, even law firms have brands. Brand reputation and reputation management is a crucial part of a businesses survival. 

What is Brand Reputation? 

Brand reputation is how a consumer sees a particular brand. Those with a good reputation means that there is trust built between the consumer and company and that they feel good about using your service. 

On the other hand those reputations are on the unfavorable side because those who seek services in your industry are less likely to purchase or utilize your company. 

Lastly, those who have no brand management tactics or use online reviews and referrals simply don’t reach the main pages of online search engines. This means that other companies who devote time to managing their brand online will gain your potential clients and that is not what you want to happen. 

reputation management

How Reputation Management Computes to Clients

If you’ve ever searched for a product or service, you will see reviews and star ratings and you will most likely choose the ones with multiple reviews and high star ratings. 

This is the key to getting clients when they search for legal services online. 

Clio’s MaxDiff Analysis found that a firm that has good reviews/recommendations is the number one reason that makes them hireable in the eyes of the consumer. Similarity the number one way a law firm computes to running a successful firm is based on getting clients to review and refer them. At the end of the day, satisfaction drives a firm’s success. 

If your firm pops up on the search engine with no reviews or stars and is listed next to a firm with hundreds of reviews and a 4 star rating, which one do you think the client will end up choosing? 

When clients leave reviews they help you build your brand reputation online and help build trust with future clients. These reviews are also considered “trustworthy” by future clients because they came from outside of the company. 

So how do you get your clients to leave reviews and feedback on your firm? 

Let us help with that. 

reputation management

How LawHustle can Help You with Reputation Management

At LawHustle, our mission is to provide you with the tools to build your brand and reputation online by using the automation and client-centered systems focused on the the 3 core values of reputation, trust and open communication. 

We are the all-in-one digital support service for law firms. We offer automated system solutions, next-gen lead generation systems and support for law firms looking to grow and expand their business.  

Sometimes it’s hard to get a client to leave a review after they’ve utilized your services and we’re satisfied with the results. Leaving reviews on different sites can become cumbersome and sometimes they don’t even realize how important reviews can be to future clients (even though that’s how they found your firm)! We offer solutions to help you get the positive reviews from clients in a simple and easy way.  

To learn more about LawHustle and the invaluable services we offer, visit our website and book a call today!